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How Can Blss Birmingham Associates Help?

We Can Help You In The Following Ways.

  • Probate Services
  • Drafting of business wills
  • Testament and Last Will
  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning
  • Testament and Last Will
  • Services related to the court of protection
  • Trusts
  • Power of Attorney
  • Will and Estate Dispute
  • Claims related to the IHT Act

Our Value Proposition

BLSS BIRMINGHAM is one of the most significant will writing and probate service provider in the UK. We are unequalled in facilitating the highest standard of service. Our achievements in the field of will write and Probate articulates our core values. We do our very best to stick to our values while providing our clients with quality services.

Professionalism- We always try to inculcate professionalism in our daily work

Approachable- Being friendly and sensitive to others is what sets us apart.

Trustable Services- We always give due respect to the confidentiality bestowed on us by our clients

Open to learning- We make it a point to learn from our experiences to better our services

Taking Care Of Your Future Requires Professional Help

At BLSS BIRMINGHAM, we do ensure that peace of mind and affordability go hand in hand. We facilitate friendly personal service making home visits. We also do not charge our clients for an initial consultation. An initial consultation session helps us to assess the complexity of your problem and the fees. We exclusively emphasize on will and probate related matters. On the other hand, we are also adept in handling elderly client matters. This has enabled us to gain extensive knowledge.

Being small in size is one of our advantages because we are able to provide a tailored service which meets the needs of our clients. We are one of the top will writing and other legal services providers in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Solihull.

Our professional estate planning expertise and a comprehensive range of services are the reasons which are catapulting our popularity. We usually remind our clients to take control of what lies ahead as it is their future and their wealth.

List Of Our Comprehensive Services

Our in-house team of specialist probate practitioners provide low-cost probate services across the UK. Our fees are fixed and agreed in advance during the initial consultation phase. Let’s take an elaborate glimpse of our comprehensive services.

Will & Estate Planning

BLSS BIRMINGHAM is able to offer an all-inclusive service with regards to Will Writing, Lasting Power of Attorney and Estate Planning. We work in collaboration with professional Will writers. We also have our in-house team of Will writers.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Preparation and planning is the key to avoiding Inheritance Tax. BLSS BIRMINGHAM is adept in offering guidance and suggestions to offset the liability and avoid inheritance tax. 


Obtaining a Probate is a complicated process which also involves the Inland Revenue and the UK Probate Court. If you need assistance related to Probate, kindly call us. We can visit you at your residence. Our initial consultation charges are free.

Overseas Probate

Our overseas probate service is ideal for those dealing with the estate of a dear one who died or resided abroad and had assets there. The dealing process will be much faster and less demanding if you appoint BLSS BIRMINGHAM.

With BLSS BIRMINGHAM, you will execute the right decisions which would protect you and your wealth, help and benefit those you love and give you peace of mind. Call us today for an initial consultation!

Will Writers And Probate, Birmingham, West Midlands Uk

The primary goal is to protect their interests, legal action, estates after death. However, lawyers are naturally their interests. Clients should know this. You will rarely see these 12 rules anywhere, even if you ask for them from your probate solicitor they can be hard to arrive.


You can do many simple matters. Use the Web or contact consumer protection associations can assist you. If you are not sure whether you can do it yourself, ask your lawyer. Sometimes, this question can help you to save money.

2. “You Will Not Win Probably In This Case!”

Lawyers are not always interested in carrying only such legal disputes that have a high probability to be won. Also, fees may be made just in exceptional cases, depending on the outcome of the conflict. So attorneys also get your money if you lose.


Litigation costs: Attorney fees, court costs, and last but not least the time you invested. So it may be that you may win at the end, but with less will be there, as before the lawsuit. Hook to so unusually stubbornly before bringing in the questions of the cost risk in case of success. So far, everything discussed has been negative in view of solicitors and wills, that is why you really need to use trusted and the best will writers birmingham has.


Litigation is often a difficult and complicated matter. Usually, the devil is in the detail. Sometimes a lawyer loses the desire to deal intensively with the dry issue. Your lawyer is unmotivated, to consider a change of the law firm. Prefer an end with horror than a horror without end.


You pay a high hourly rate. But, it could be that the lawyer does not do the work, think, he engaged himself with your case.

6 “I Use Sample Forms, But So Will Settle As I Would Recreate All The Documents.”

In many cases, lawyers can rely on existing or previously created patterns and templates for written submissions. Some lawyer, will not take into account probably this abbreviation in his settlement.

7 “You can negotiate seven the fee requirement with me.”

Ask about the possibility of whether your case a fee can be agreed. This will prevent you having to pay more than you wanted to spend at the end.

8 “in this area of law I have little experience.”

Many attorneys recommend colleagues with expertise or experience in the specific area of law. Some people don’t but also, because they have to take every case for economic reasons.

9 “each time, when you speak with me, does it cost your money.”

In principle, discussions with you as a client in a fee agreement on an hourly basis are settled. Of course, your attorney upon request will explain in detail your case down to the smallest detail.

10 “the billed hours are only a rough estimate.”

The documentation of an up-to-the-minute report is expensive. Sometimes, this is not and is targeted at the end only on thumbs. The fee could be therefore higher than the hours it give it up.

11 “I for your case no time.”

Some lawyers are already fully utilised by current cases, want to take but still your mandate. You can imagine that then not enough your matter to optimal care.

12 “I will fight with all means for you, but it is not much help.”

Many aggressive statements only to impress the own clients are used with the will writing process. Judges and opposing advocates, however, see through such probate tactics and not take them seriously. In many cases, aggressive lawyers can wreak more damage than they bring benefits.…